Wiring for Low Voltage High End Under Cabinet Lighting

High end under cabinet lighting – Low voltage lighting can be mounted below the top kitchen cabinets to provide the necessary lighting for your worktops. Low-voltage lighting works with a transformer that is connected to a regular wall outlet. Because small accessories connected to the transformer require low-voltage bulbs, these types of lighting systems can use less electricity than overhead lighting. Mounting and wiring your low voltage lighting system does not require calling an electrician, their installation can be done by majority do-it-yourselfers.

Hold each luminaire to the desired position on the bottom of the high end under cabinet lighting. Make sure that the accessory is as close to the front edge of the cabinet as possible to the light as possible on its countertop. Mark with a pencil on the bottom of the cabinet around the accessory to indicate its position. Remove the lamp. Repeat the procedure to mark the location of each remaining artifact.

Twist the lamp lens and remove to reveal the mounting holes. Hold the device at the bottom of the box at the pen mark. Make sure that the wiring harness of the luminaire is facing the wall. Screw timber through the lamp mounting holes and into the bottom of the housing with a Phillips screwdriver. Use a Phillips-borer-bored drill bit to save time. Replace the lens. Mount the remaining lights in the same way.

Choose a place to mount the power supply for the low voltage lighting system in a discreet location, such as on the high end under cabinet lighting or behind the refrigerator. Turn the screws through the mounting holes in the power supply and into the cabinet or wall and tighten with a screwdriver or an electric drill.


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