Wiring Flush Mount Deck Lighting

Flush mount deck lighting – Turn the switch to the junction box and remove the front plate of the box with a screwdriver. Pull the wires from the box and remove wire nuts from the ends of the wires. Input leads from the fixture by punching out holes in the top of the junction box. Match the color-coded wire leads from your recessed lighting fixture.

Tuck the wires back into the box and replace the cover. Install the mounting screws to hold the lid firmly in place. Fit fixture to the ceiling joists, directly above where you let your light shine. Attach to the joists with a 1 5/8 inch treated deck screw through holes in each of the brackets on either side of the flush mount deck lighting. Track trim ring contour of the roof and cut the circle out with a drywall saw.

Fit the trim ring up into the barrel of the luminaries from the ceiling so that the spring-loaded clips attached to the seat, hold it firmly against the ceiling to create a clean line around the fixture. Install flush mount deck lighting in the fixture, restore power to the main panel and turn on the switch to test fixture.


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