Track Lighting Adapter for a Pendant Light

Track lighting adapter for a pendant light – Recessed lights gives a general light, but they are often too distant to provide quality local light. It can be expensive to remove recessed lights; quite often, the goal can’t be to remove a light, but to bring it closer. Measure the inside and outside of the recessed light.

Buy track lighting adapter for a pendant light to replace the recessed lights with attractive new pendant lights. Adapters are available in various finishes such as: bronze, chromium, nickel and satin white. Turn off the electricity to your room. Place the ladder so close to the side of the pool table as possible to put you within reach in front of your recessed lighting.

Remove the recessed lighting trim (if specified by your adapter manufacturer). Your new track lighting adapter for a pendant light should completely cover the recessed when installed. You may need a screwdriver to help you with this. Unscrew the recessed bulb. Screw the pendant light socket adapter into the socket. The pendant light can be adjusted in height (in some models) by winding additional wire around a small spindle provided with the light. Screw in a new bulb suitable for your pendant light. Turn your power back after you have installed all new pool table light.


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