The 10 Reasons You REALLY Don’t Want to Skip Shopping For Auto Insurance Quotes

Are you busy. We know. You have to prioritize your time. Sort your huge to-do list into something like an organized plan (easier said than done). With so much going on, it is easy to put aside what is not essential. Be very, very careful not to let auto insurance quotes slip down your nonessential list!

Unlike remembering to buy food or pay your rent, your car insurance probably isn’t something you think about every day. In fact, unless you’ve been in a crash at the corner of 1st and 46th, your insurance probably isn’t something you think about at all! Since your insurer is not a major player in everyday life, it’s easy to let your search for auto insurance quotes slide to the bottom of the list.

Or worse yet, get hit completely.

When you decide to skip the process of buying auto insurance quotes, you have only two options: hit the roads without any insurance to back you up, or renew your insurance year after year without looking for a better deal. Neither of those options will have a good Structural Warranty Insurance effect on your long-term financial future. Let me tell you why.

Driving without car insurance is not good, it is very bad, it is a very big mistake because …

1. The judge will see you as crazy if he walks into court and asks for a Damage Free No Pay card just because he is driving without insurance.

2. You have to pay to repair the cars, trucks, mopeds, bicycles and scooters involved in the accident. Those repairs generally start at $ 1,000 and continue to increase.

3. Medical bills are your responsibility and the doctor charges $ 80 or more just for stopping by and saying hi.

4. Glass windows in shop windows don’t repair themselves.

5. We have yet to convince the highway crews to fix the guardrail for free.

6. Traffic lights fall when you hit the pole that supports them.

7. The DMV will issue you a bill of $ 500 or more for the privilege of driving without insurance.

8. Your lender is going to restock your car if you took out a loan to buy it and didn’t bother looking for auto insurance quotes.

Deciding to renew your policy, without being seen, is a bad idea because …

1. You never know when you could make your insurer overcharge you for your insurance.

2. New customer discounts can save you more than staying with the same company. Yes, that is correct. Clients looking for auto insurance quotes actually get a better deal (in many cases). Sometimes being a loyal customer just doesn’t pay.