Recessed Lighting for Suspended Ceiling

Recessed lighting for suspended ceiling – If your bathroom has low light levels, you may consider upgrading the lighting to provide a well-needed visibility. By being buried, the lights give you maximum headroom and let your bathroom feel larger. For proper lighting, you must use the correct number of lights. Proper placement is also critical to minimize shadows in the wrong area.

Place where your recessed lighting for suspended ceiling will go in your bathroom. Cut the appropriate size hole in every place your recessed light will go. Install your electrical wiring from the bathroom light switch box to each light. Open the electric box on each light. Pull the wires into the box and tighten it to squeeze it. Strip the wires and connect the black wires together with a wire nut, the white and white with a wire nut and earth wires together with a wire nut.

Pull the hold-down clips in any light and push them into the holes you made in the ceiling until their flanges resting on the roof. Push each clip up and out. Hook each trim spring in their assigned holes on their cover ring. Let the springs to pull the trim close to the ceiling. Turn your light bulbs and test the recessed lighting for suspended ceiling, turn on the power switch.


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