Modern Linear Suspension Lighting Ideas

Modern linear suspension lighting – Eos is a special and new designer lamp in linear form. Eos is a LED luminaries or LED light that can be hung on the wire or in fixed roof mounts for the most effective suspension. Eos is made of aluminum and PC with imitation wood for optimal design and shape. Designer lamp Eos is a unique ceiling with wire suspension to suit the modern home and business premises and reception areas to name a few.

The ceiling light Wave is a sleek and modern designed LED lamp with quality components and long warranty. Wave can be hung in the supplied cable to give it a liquid neat format to fit in most areas. Waves is one of our newly modern linear suspension lighting of high performance and quality. Wave is wave-shaped and fits more exclusive design firms, advertising agencies, reception areas, conference and meeting rooms. Fits directly into existing power outlets. It gives a nice lighting experience for office workers and meeting guests.

Ceiling Lamp Athena is a circular pendant lamp attached to the ceiling hook and hung in the rope for a sleek and modern design form. Athena ceiling lighting isĀ  modern linear suspension lighting in the rope and fits the modern home, pool house, offices, conference rooms and reception areas.


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