Lighting for Media Room Ideas

Lighting for media room – The lighting is the most important factor in recreating an unforgettable experience in an impact media room, but it is necessary to define needs and tastes from the beginning to achieve the desired objective. As always, if the budget allows, leave this task to an expert lighting designer.

The temptation to buy cheap is huge. You can use LED luminaries as lighting for media room. Because that are fashionable, and for good reason, however, it is necessary to distinguish between a vile LED bulb of $ 3 to a LED lamp with precise luminosity, exact color temperature and wide compatibility with dimmers and controllers, itself which can easily reach $ 40 per piece. The cheap LED does not produce even color, it is a source of incessant noise and its luminosity is changing.

It is not necessary to be completely dark. Commercial cinema is a different entity. You can give a specific personality to your lighting for media room. For example, you can install fiber optics on ceilings simulating a starry night sky or some discreet accents of light on the walls, even projection screens are sold with backlighting systems that not only look shocking but help you rest the eyes by forcing them less than in the dark.


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