Kitchen Cabinet Switches for Lighting

Cabinet switches for lighting – Lighting kits below today’s kitchen cabinets include everything you need: lights, wiring, transformers and switches. Based on the number and location of lights to install, locate the most appropriate connection to a source of electricity and calculate how much plastic-coated cable you will need to bring the electricity to a suitable junction box mounted on the top cabinets.

You must needed cabinet switches for lighting. Many kitchens will have electricity in a top cabinet to supply electricity to a fan on the stove or to a microwave mounted in a cabinet. If this is not the case, run the electricity from other outlets in the kitchen, basement or even attic and direct the cable to the upper kitchen cabinets. To achieve a professional appearance, it is preferable to use cable conduit.

If you are using a kit to install lighting under the kitchen cabinets with a self-adhesive touch switch, select the location where you will install it. If you are planning to install a regular switch or a cabinet switches for lighting in the kitchen splash or backsplash area, select the location and cut the proper opening. If the splash guard is made of tiles, use a ceramic drill to drill a number of holes and break the hole for the switch housing.


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