Ideas Style Vertical Vanity Lighting

Vertical Vanity Lighting – When remodeling your bathroom, lighting is a basic need that you will want to keep in mind, particularly in the toilet area. Lighting levels are the most efficient way to illuminate specific areas, such as showers and linen cabinets – using individual luminaries and effects in each area to accomplish the corresponding tasks. Since you commonly use the toilet area for the toilet, consider your daily regimen when exploring bathroom vanity lighting design ideas.

The most effective vertical vanity lighting design idea for a bathroom vanity – which illuminates the preparation area without shadows of the frame consists of vertical lights installed on both sides of the mirror. Since the light shines towards the face instead of on it, its reflection lights up clearly in the mirror. Most home improvement stores carry an extensive stock of vertical vanity lighting kits, and you can choose from a variety of decorative appliques, back plates and light bulb covers for all personal tastes.

You can also consider fluorescent tube vertical lighting on both sides of your vanity. If the size of your mirror or cabinet is too wide for vertical side vertical vanity lighting or fixtures, it is best to install wall-mounted lighting directly on the mirror. The ideal way to achieve this effect is to install your accessories approximately 75 inches from the floor and are at least 24 inches wide.


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