How to Properly Plan Craftsman Style Dining Room Lighting

A good decorating project is invariably connected to a good craftsman style dining room lighting plan. And to think it through properly, it is essential to have the layout of each environment and clearly determine the purpose of the space. With these defined points it is possible to know what and how to illuminate in a functional and beautiful way.

With the tips of lighting designer Carina Tavares and the architect Ricardo Abreu Borges understand the importance of the right lamp and know how to think about the designs craftsman style dining room lighting, living rooms and kitchens. The choice of the lamp most suitable for each use and environment directly influences the visual comfort.

Four types of lamps are most commonly used craftsman style dining room lighting: common incandescent and halogen, fluorescent and LED. In addition to knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type (see the album above), it is important to take into account the color temperature of the lamp. Measured in Kelvin (K) degrees, such a temperature expresses the “appearance” of light which, on a simplified scale, can range from a yellowish spectrum (lower Kelvin) to a bluish-white light (greater Kelvin). For relaxation locations, for example, yellow lamps are indicated, while work spaces need neutral or bluish light.


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