How to Install Acrylic Lighting Panels

Acrylic lighting panels – If you’ve ever spent time in an office, you were probably under the guise of an acrylic panel lighting. These panels are usually installed in the ceiling areas, and diffuse light from the lamp. In many cases, these panels are square shaped and individually installed in the ceiling. If you want some for your home, you do not need to be a professional to install these panels.

Locate the area where you want to install on the panel. Turn off the light and push the framework of the luminary. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws at one end of the frame. Take the end of the frame, and remove the acrylic lighting panels from the frame.

Finally, place the old panel on top of the new panel to ensure the dimensions match. If they do not, use a utility knife to cut the new acrylic lighting panels down to size, so it matches the dimensions of the old panel. Slide the new panel in the frame and the back end of the frame with screws. Slide the frame of the luminary. Now you can turn on the lights.


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