How Hard Wire Under Cabinet Lighting with Outlets

Under cabinet lighting with outlets – In most modern kitchens, lighting is the only thing that tends to suffer the most, and in a room full of knives, the gloom is not exactly what you want. Good lighting can instantly transform a normally dark kitchen into one that is safer, more efficient and simply better. Installing under-cabinet lights are one of the most effective ways to achieve these results. And although it may take a little more time, hard wiring cabinet lights will give you longer lasting, more reliable illumination than using poorly designed battery-powered lights.

Tip under cabinet lighting with outlets with wire connection of fixtures, the second knock-out must be removed from the original fixture equipped with an NM-contact, and has a cable NM fed from the first fixture to the other. Connections are made black to black, white to white, and the ground screw to the grounding screw. Always test a circuit that is working properly before you test the circuit you will be working on. This is to ensure the tester is operating correctly.

Troubleshooting a circuit often means that you have to be to test live wires. If you are unsure or afraid of your ability to work with live electricity for installing under cabinet lighting with outlets. You calling an electrician to carry out this work.


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