How Do I Install Temporary Outdoor Lighting

The temporary outdoor lighting provides construction workers with a safe working environment. Temporary lighting of a outdoor must meet the requirements of the NEC. temporary lighting should use lack of circuit ground breaking containers (GFCI) when plugged into a socket of a temporary electrical panel-service. NEC also requires the removal of all temporary lighting and its wiring after completion of work. This includes wires penetrate walls. Holiday and seasonal outdoor should turn off the temporary lighting after 90 days.

Extends a sequence temporary outdoor lighting from the farthest point of the power supply to the power supply. Place the rope light on the floor. The rope light has several fixtures molded on a wire at intervals of 10 feet. Each lamp uses a metal or plastic cage to protect a lamp. the typical rope lights stretch to lengths either 100 or 50 feet.

Inspect the area above the rope light. Do not pass the rope temporary outdoor lighting. When possible, place the rope lights near the center of each garden. Hang the rope light to a roof truss or other structural support, with plastic zip ties. Start at the distal end of the power supply space and a plastic zip tie five feet. Lift the light string to the frame then a zip tie wrap around the frame and chopped light. Slide tag end of the tie in its zip fastener and pull the end tag.


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