Five Tips to Consider When Choosing an Instant Office Messenger

One of the most important factors when measuring office productivity is whether office productivity tools have significantly contributed to employee performance. There are many options: digital note-taking, smart phones that have built-in productivity features and, most importantly, a wide variety of software tools that keep your workplace bustling 24X7.

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Office Messenger for Enhanced Office Productivity

The instant messenger, a relatively new addition to the growing number of software programs that automate routine tasks and track daily milestones with an intuitive and logical approach, is starting to make a name for itself. Inter-office communicators are also known as office messengers. They use live chat technology in order to establish a secure and safe internal communication channel. These are five things to consider when choosing a messaging software for your business.

Modular Design and Scalability

A feature-rich instant messaging app allows you to increase the number of users in your network without needing to go through many hoops. The application’s speed and performance should not be affected by adding new employees to its messenger group.

Chat Transcript Generation

For future reference and record keeping, the office instant messenger should be capable of creating a printed transcript from chat exchanges. These transcripts should be stored in an organized manner so that they can be easily retrieved if necessary.

Sticky notes for communication

Borland International, a company that invented ELMESSENGER PRO REVIEW sticky notes over 25 years ago in the golden age MSDOS operating systems, came up with the idea of sticky notes. The concept of sticky notes has advanced greatly and many messengers have incorporated this feature with great results. Even if the recipient is not a member of the office messenger network, you can still send a sticky message to them. Stickies should be sent at preset times to remind you. Sticky notes can be used to communicate quickly with colleagues, as opposed to e-mail messages that require multiple steps.

Multi-level live chat engagement

You can activate live chat via a desirable messenger to communicate with customers outside of your company’s internal network. This feature offers many benefits. You can use the instant messenger to communicate quickly with colleagues and get the answer you need to a customer who has asked you a question online.

It’s easy to use

A preferred instant messaging program should be simple to download, install, and use. Because all office messenger software uses the Internet to establish internal communication protocols, the user interface and navigation of the application should be designed within the context of the workplace.