Drop Ceiling Lighting Options

Drop ceiling lighting options – Drop ceilings, also commonly known as false ceilings, are light panels suspended from the ceiling beams of thin metal cables. Accessing electrical wiring, plumbing pipes or duct hidden by a drop ceiling is as simple as picking one of the panels. Since this is a ceiling, choice of lighting fixtures for a drop ceiling is somewhat limited.

Recessed lighting, sometimes also called “can” lights, a light bulb in a reflective metal container. Glowing recessed lighting puts too much heat to be safely installed in most of the drop ceiling lighting options, but the halogen and energy-saving bulbs will be safe, says Armstrong lighting site. The metal container of light must be supported by a wooden frame placed above the grille metal that keeps the shingles. Recessed lights have lenses or openings, at the end of the capsule, which must be installed level with the roof tile surface. Canister lights are a good alternative to fluorescent lighting panels, but they require more work to install, and more light will be needed to light up a room.

It is possible to fit virtually all standard surface mounted luminaire behind a drop ceiling lighting options. Surface mounted fixtures are installed on the surface of the roof, and no parts are recessed into the roof of the recessed or fluorescent fixtures.


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