Design Room With Foyer Lighting High Ceiling

Foyer Lighting High Ceiling – Lighting is one of the key elements that help make your home a home. Good lighting will help you do the tasks more easily, make you feel more secure and comfortable and allow you to enjoy your home to its full potential. However, each room has unique and specific needs for general lighting and decoration. Here are some tips and ideas to consider when thinking about lighting needs in every room in your home.

Uses foyer lighting high ceiling and decoration to give a first impression. The lobby transmits the first impression of the interior of a house. Place a traditional chandelier, a modern pendant lamp, or transitional lighting fixtures near the ceiling in the hallway to provide basic lighting and create a welcoming atmosphere. Remember that stairs and hallways should have good general lighting for safety reasons. To avoid accidents, ladders must be lit from top to bottom with switches on both sides.

In the corridors, for safety reasons, place lighting devices every 8 to 10 feet (2 to 3 m). Make your choice of foyer lighting high ceiling devices, matching the hallway chandelier or pendant lamp with a lighting fixture near the ceiling for the hallways and a small lighting device supported by chains for stairs. Use matching wall chandeliers to complement the lobby lighting fixture.


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