Decorative Outdoor Tiffany Style Lighting

Outdoor tiffany style lighting – The Arts and Crafts movement emerged in the late Victorian era, when the handmade design became more desirable. Several styles are associated with the Arts and Crafts movement, Mission, Tiffany and craftsmen, each with its own style of lighting.

Before tell you about outdoor tiffany style lighting , Mission style lighting also makes use of iron and copper made of strips to form geometric pattern covering clear and opaque glass panels. This type of lighting mimics the horizontal and vertical lines prevalent in Mission style furniture. You can find Mission style table lamps, floor lamps, hanging fixtures for the kitchen and dining room, and outdoor lighting to flank your front door.

Outdoor tiffany style lighting started with Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800s and is still popular today. The lampshades are made with pieces of stained glass bonded with a copper foil and solder to form patterns that include floral patterns and insect patterns such as butterflies and dragonflies. The use of copper foil to join pieces of glass rather than the traditional came allows lampshades designed with curves rather than straight lines and that includes small pieces of stained glass shaped into the pattern. Tiffany style lighting is decidedly feminine and is also closely associated with the Victorian period.


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